About Us


We are a family owned business handcrafting the highest quality outdoor furniture in Orlando, Florida. Lectus Furniture is admired for its modern appeal and outstanding craftsmanship, with collections that blend the use of high quality materials that enhance the ambiance of the contemporary outdoor landscape of the 21st century. Lectus Furniture was born in 2015 with the vision to offer a new concept of outdoor living to the world. Our DNA is based on the passion for high quality products and the strong desire to provide the very best experience to all our customers. Our master artisans and craftsmen have elevated Lectus Furniture products to new heights while identifying, training and developing the best weavers in the world.



At Lectus Furniture, we are committed to providing the very best products to our customers. Our pieces are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials, with special synthetic fibers that are created to withstand UV rays, salt and pool water, and outdoor temperatures. The furniture is designed using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality aluminum alloys. All frames are protected by powder coating providing a luxurious and elegant finish while guaranteeing durability. Our fabrics are manufactured following international high-quality standards and are created to withstand the elements while providing an elevated level of comfort.



Handmade by our dedicated and passionate artisans combined with our meticulous attention to detail and focus on the client’s experience, Lectus Furniture is a company that puts our customers first. Each piece is uniquely created combining the originality of craftsmanship with today’s technology. The skills and creativity are passed on to each piece in order to provide our guests an unparalleled level of enjoyment, relaxation and delight.